Glen Wakeman is the guru for successful entrepreneurship while seeing the world

Being able to travel the world is a dream for most. When it’s time to travel for business it’s easy to look forward to having a chance to spend time in a new city or country. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to really explore and sightsee while on business. Fortunately for Glen Wakeman he has become an incredible resource for anyone looking to excel in their career while being able to enjoy the attractions all over the world.


Glen Wakeman is a stable globe-trotter and has accomplished the craft of building a business and traveling the world. Starting out with a thriving career with General Electric he progressed through the company and understood what it took for a business to run at a top level. Over his twenty years with the company he has lived in six countries and worked in thirty-two. Being involved in the foundational aspect it has shown him how to start and grow a business. Wakeman was put in position to create a new division of GE called GE Money Latin America. That division went from one person to 17,000 employees across nine nations. He developed an understanding of business in a variety of cultures. His growth was not due to just being a tourist on business but implanting himself in a different environment and adapting as a working individual.


With his experience Wakeman has become the go to for business startups so he founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings has a system that provide strategies for entrepreneurs to have a high level of success in business. With his five-step methodology he gives business owners an opportunity to develop a plan that can help fund their business. The five-steps include Marketing, Operations, Talent, Financial and Risk Management. The world is becoming more affiliated through business and Glen Wakeman has created something to help entrepreneurs how to function and excel anywhere.


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