Graham Edwards Gets A New Post

Telereal Trillium is a property management firm that is based in London. It also has offices at Nottingham. The company has about 8000 properties in their portfolio currently. Telereal Trillium has partnered with renowned companies in the property management field such as BT, Aviva, and the DVLA.


Recently, the company has announced that Edward Graham is set to become its chairman. Mr. Graham previously served as the chief executive officer of the company. He has a longstanding relationship with this firm that traces back to 2009 when it was formed. This was the period when he was appointed as the company’s CEO, and he has held this post until his appointment as the chairman.


Before Telereal merged with Trillium, Mr. Graham also served as the company’s CEO. He was appointed to the post in 2001 and served until the two institutions joined to become one entity. Following Graham’s appointment as chairman, his previous position will now be taken by Russell Gurnhill. Mr. Gurnill is the former joint managing director of Telereal Trillium. In this reshuffle, Adam Dakin has been given the role of the company’s managing director. Michael Hackenbroch has also been allocated a new role as the group financing director. These changes are aimed towards improving the company to maintain their status as one of the leading property managers in the country.


Graham Edwards is very experienced in the business world. He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied Economics. Graham has always applied the crucial knowledge that he acquired in the university in running his business undertakings. Mr. Edwards has invested in numerous entities, and he occasionally gives out funds to charity organizations. Most of his investments are in the fields of mining, real estate, and software technology. Graham Edwards is also very actively involved in community development issues. He is also a member of committees such as One Voice Europe and Portland Trust.

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