IC Systems — An Industry Leader

Collection of debt in default is often a stressful task for businesses and is better turned over to accounts receivable companies like IC systems. Celebrating eighty years as a leader in the collections field, IC Systems makes an unpalatable job an exemplar in their both their field and ethics.


IC Systems is and has always been, a family company. Three generations of Eriksons have led the company since its inception in 1938. The family has a strict idea of the type of company they want to run and work every day to make it meet their expectations.


First, they are committed to being a leader in their field and satisfying their customers. IC Systems had the foresight to be the first in their field to abandon typewriters for the obviously superior computer. They also are licensed in all fifty states as a protection to their clients. A collections company cannot collect payment from patients who live in states where the company is not licensed, even if the debt was incurred in a state where the company is licensed. Regulators in the past have held the client responsible for the accounts receivable company’s actions in the sphere.


IC Systems has a system for instituting its values among its employees in such a way that the values are constantly reinforced, monitored for potential improvements, and to establish an office culture beneficial to all who work there.


Compliance checks to ensure industry standards are met are constant and robust through the Compliance Management System which is audited regularly to ensure the company is complying.


Charity and community are another way IC Systems demonstrates its commitment to morality. Not only does the company contribute to many charitable organizations, but they also encourage their employees to organize in-house fundraisers and the like for their favorite organizations. In the past, these have included The Red Cross, Special Olympics, and Toy for Tots to name a few.


IC Systems is an industry leader for a reason: it is very good at what it does.

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