Meet Michael Burwell: A Talented and Dedicated Leader


Mike Burwell works at Willis Towers Watson as the Chief Financial Officer. Before moving to his current work place, Burwell had worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers for about 31 years. While there, he spent about 11 years providing business advisory services. Mike was chosen as the partner in 1997 and then went into Detroit transaction business of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


Mike performed very well in Detroit and was asked to take the leadership of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers central U.S. business. In the year 2009, this brilliant man was chosen as the Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Financial Officer across Pricewaterhouse Coopers.



How a good day for Michael Burwell looks like and how he makes it productive


Michael Burwell wakes up 5am every morning. Burwell makes sure that the bed is neat before leaving. This makes him feel that he has actually achieved something. He then takes his Peloton bike and starts riding. While on the way, he starts thinking on what to achieve that particular day. If it is at the beginning of the month, he starts thinking on what to achieve at the end of that month. He does everything possible to bring every idea that comes into his mind to life. This is one of his most important qualities.


Mike reminds young people that collaboration doesn’t equal consensus. It is not possible to have consensus all the time. He reminds them to be extremely cautious when trying to make every person happy, although it is a good thing if done correctly. He also says that micro-communities will definitely increase and the cutting-edge technology to facilitate them will be necessary. The platform will continue evolving since likeminded individuals will want to connect. The advertisers will also want to connect with them too.


Michael Burwell advises people to be good listeners and also build their network. Every person has something he or she thinks about, and it is important to invest time on it. If you do this, your chances of getting into your dreams will increase. If you start doing a particular thing, most people will tell you that it won’t work. Therefore, it is important to be relentless as well as positive.



More about Michael Burwell


Mike attended Michigan State University. He specialized in business administration. In the year 2010, this great man was named the institution’s Alumnus of the year. He is a renowned and certified public accountant.


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