Defying The Norm MB2 Trending

Speaking recently in an interview, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, opinionated that CEOs should refrain from micromanaging their employees instead should just maintain their morale and keep out of their way. This revolutionary doctor has completely changed the way people thought of dentists since he founded the firm, which has more than 500 employees, it now has about 70 affiliated offices across various states. The company is set to get the best out of private practice and combine it with the merits of a group practice.

The options that opened up after graduation made Dr. Chris Villanueva, stop and try to find a way that dentists could have the best of both worlds without compromising either, the result was the conception of MB2 Dental. The company offers doctors the benefit of working together and learning different concepts from each other. The novelty of the idea has drawn interest from all quarters; pundits in the medical world have praised the idea as a shift from the traditional view people had of the dentist’s office. The company is hailed as a breath of fresh air to the field with the focus directed on the patient, not the profit margins.

A progressive approach to innovation in technology and an environment that is open to dynamic practice trends and high standards, these are the traits setting MB2 Dental apart from the rest. They also have a culture of mixing up young professionals with experienced dentists to increase the standards and to bring a fresh look. As a way to promote openness and sharing, the company owners go on a retreat twice annually, this not only brings the close-knit leadership closer, it also gives them a chance to meet up with other dentists. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that a positive work environment should be fun and rapport between employees and management ought to be cultivated to promote healthy business growth.

Every year, MB2 Dental offers a workshop for dental students who want to get the gist of the industry. These seminars are a chance for students to meet and cultivate relationships with doctors and with the company. The students are also educated on the prospects they should expect when they graduate. MB2 Dental offers logistical support to its affiliates to allow the practitioners to concentrate on patients. One of the driving values of the company is maintaining 100% autonomy for the affiliate but keeping the company culture.

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