Jeff Herman: Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse

Delving into some of the numbers recorded against child sexual abuse, it is clear that people hailing from different demographics have experienced child maltreatment in some way. All too often, the aftermath of the event causes psychological and emotional torture on children. Nevertheless, all is not lost an individual like Jeff Herman is taking such cases upon himself by representing such victims and finding justice for them in return. Herman who started out like a commercial litigator has entered the industry of child sexual abuse and made a name for himself. As of now, he is known for saving by saving children from all the impending torture that come with being abused by sex predators.

Background Information

In one interview by Inspirery, Jeff Herman explains how he delved into this demanding career. For starters, he began as a commercial litigator immediately after graduating from college. However, on one day when he was tasked to handle a commercial case, he visited the client’s office. On that note, he established that the client was going through some life-transitioning situation as her son had just been sexually molested. Being the kind man he has always been, he sought to hear the case and internalize the possible inhumane facts that the client’s son underwent.

Becoming a Sexual Abuse Litigator

Seeing that the case sought proper legal representation from an experienced attorney who dealt with suchlike issues, he decided to quit his line of practice and represent the young boy. Herman has never looked back since then. As of now, he is the owner of Herman Law. All too often, he gets to hear of such cases and work with their clients to find them justice on time. To Herman, justice delayed is justice denied. Therefore, he uses his platform to protect children from sex predators. Following his passion and dedication to protect them, Herman just shared a few tips that every parent and guardian can look into in order to protect their child from sex predators.

Teach Children to Say No

The first word parents need to teach their children when it comes to sexual abuse is saying ‘NO.’ All too often, children can come out not only as vulnerable but also easy to manipulate. In this case, they must always learn to say no especially to strangers who pose as good people.

Use Real Life Examples

Children can be forgetful and vulnerable. Therefore, you must always use real life examples to teach them to stay away from people who can touch them inappropriately. For instance, in the case of school-going children, they must be told that even teachers can be sexually abusive.

The Overview

Jeff Herman is extremely cautious and involved in every case he works on. To him, it is crucial to have a maintained organization that handles each case professionally. Therefore, with his team of experts, he conducts investigations and channels the findings into court for a hearing and a possible ruling.

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