Vinod Gupta Of Everest USA Gives Charity So Other Young Indians Can Afford Educational Opportunities Like Him

India has many brilliant people who’ve come to the US to get high honor education, and when they haven’t stayed in the US, they’ve returned to the homeland to build it into something better. Many tech and scientific communities have popped up around India’s cities and there are signs that once underdeveloped areas are improving quality of life. But there still are villages and smaller population pockets that have no electricity, running water or public transportation like the one Vinod Gupta came from. Gupta had almost no money when he left the village to go to grad school in the US, and now he runs a multi-million dollar company known as Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta would travel on foot every day to go to a tech college in Delhi, and his grad studies led him to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Gupta had an entry-level job at a mobile home marketing company known as Commodore Corporation where he had to find dealers around the nation to signup for the company’s services. He had a problem locating specific companies, so he ordered a large amount of phone books that he had to move out his office to his apartment in order to look up dealers. Gupta spent hours compiling a list of dealers and with all the information he had, he decided to sell the list to Commodore Corporation and use the profits from the sale to get started with his own data gathering company.

Vinod Gupta actually began his business list database company known as InfoGroup before computers even started becoming mainstream in the corporate world. His marketing research data started going beyond just the mobile home markets into the auto dealership, food industry, retail sectors and others. After the internet took off, InfoGroup became InfoUSA and was now pulling in a very large yellow page database, and soon it was bringing in millions in revenue. Vinod Gupta eventually sold it and then helped launch Everest Group where he presides over today, but he’s spent a lot of time raising funds to help the village he grew up in back at home.

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