José Auriemo Neto

At age 32, at a business until a couple of years back led by fifty, businessman José Auriemo Neto, president of the programmer JHSF, comes with an unconditional openness to do the job. Usually arrives soon after eight o’clock in the afternoon into the workplace, installed on the floor of a structure at a cool road of São Paulo. It moves through the job involved in meetings in which they’re discussed in the tiniest details of the organization’s endeavors to the connection with its shareholders. One or more times weekly, this pattern is divided by visits construction websites.

On such events, wear a helmet and also will assess carefully if items are coming out based on the rigorous excellent standard of the business. Other instances, at the request of a known, personally reveals real estate to a possible buyer. His 14-hour day travel expands until approximately 10 pm. Holiday? You haven’t understood what this can be for five decades. The explanation for so much dedication is in a term that likes to replicate and that’s been the motto of this JHSF.

In May, JHSF reported that the financial results for its first quarter of 2008. The amounts impress. Its earnings reached R $195.4 million, 340 percent over the exact same period this past year. It’s almost two-thirds of revenues listed in 2007. A report published by Bank Banif Securities estimates the organization’s profit will likely reach $263 million in 2008. If the forecast materializes, it’ll be nearly 100% greater than previous year.

The amounts had been renowned not only by the organization’s executives but also by its own investors. One of the actual estate firms listed on the stock market, it’s been the most appreciated since the start of the year. Behind the fantastic outcomes of the programmer is a wager on a place that doesn’t quit growing in Brazil: the luxury marketplace.

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