OSI Group Global Expansion

OSI Group started from a humble beginning to one of the largest food processing company in the world. The company has been expanding its global operations through the acquisition of other brands. It mainly gets involved in companies that produce quality products. The standards enable the company to maintain its high levels of efficiency and quality.

Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant based in Chicago led OSI Group to increase the size of its convenient location. This helped the company to improve its business functionality. Also, it has enhanced its European operations through the acquisition of Flagship Europe. The company expanded its presence in the European market by offering different food solutions. This offered OSI a broad presence in Europe to serve its customers needs.

Through innovation and acquisitions, OSI Group increased its capacity in the Philippines and Spain. Another Dutch company Baho Food was acquired by the company. This helped the company to increase its processing facilities to meet the large European market. Combining strengths have enabled OSI to broaden its product portfolio. Since its establishment in Chicago, OSI Industries has provided extensive food products that have value-added protein to retail brands.

OSI Group and Turi Foods merged to form Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger will allow Turi Food to bring its Australian poultry farming and processing to the reach of OSI. The Australian based company is family-owned. It is one of the biggest poultry processors supplying its products to major businesses in Australia.

Turi Foods and OSI are determined to share ownership. This will help the two companies who share similar culture to combine their expertise. The companies aim to build a world-class food solution company. Over the years, OSI and Turi have built a strong reputation with their clients. The merger will improve services to customers in a new innovative way. This will bring together two dedicated teams that will combine their efforts. According to the OSI Director, the merger will offer more exciting opportunities that will ensure they excel together in the Australian market.

The mergers and acquisition have enabled OSI to expand its global expansion at a tremendous rate. It has ensured the company is able to maintain its operations standards across the world.

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