The Chief Executive Officer At OSI Group, David MacDonald.

The current President of OSI Group, David Mcdonald grew up in the Lowa farms. He cultivated his passion for agriculture at a very young age while working at the farms. He gained entry into Lowa State University and pursued a degree in animal science. After his graduation, he secured a job at the Chicago based OSI Group.

The OSI group was founded in the year 1909 at Illinois by an immigrant from Germany. In the year 1928, the firm changed its name to Otto and Sons. The company has seen a series of remarkable achievements since its inception. The group struck a deal with Best Chicago Meat Company to use the Glenn mark brand.

David Mcdonald’s company has been a long time distributor of meat processed products. Its primary products include sausages, pizzas, sandwiches, and kinds of bacon. Under his leadership, the company has successfully incorporated over 60 outlets distributed around the world. Recently, the company entered the Chinese market with eight facilities under its name.

The meteoric success at OSI Group is attributed to David MacDonald’s exceptional business skills. Since he took firm’s mantle of leadership, he has steered the company into inestimable business ventures that have resulted in huge profits. He stretched OSI’s Poland based meat processing facility by over 30%.

In the same year, David Mcdonald initiated the establishment of a frozen factory in India.

David MacDonald was the reason behind Baho Food purchase by OSI. Baho is a unique meat processing and distributing company that has been in existence in more than 60 years.

The acquisition expanded OSI Group’s international market to make it the world’s leading supplier. The group boasts of its 20000 teams of highly qualified employees who have resulted in the company’s immense success.

His typical day is usually packed up with activities. David Mcdonald will spend his time receiving updates from his clients or holding indoor meetings. He maintains that his customers are the most important people in the business. He, therefore, works hard to ensure that their needs are satisfied.

David Mcdonald also holds senior positions in several other companies. He works in Mafrig Global Foods Corporation located in South Africa as its director.

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