Jason Hope Is A Proud Supporter Of The Vital Work Done By The SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has made an impressive name for himself in the world of investment and philanthropy. He hails from Tempe, Arizona and went to college locally at Arizona State.

While studying at Arizona State University he attained his MBA degree in finance. Since his graduation, he has gone on to achieve a level of success in the business world that can only be described as impressive.

Due to this, he has also become a highly sought-after advisor in terms of his business expertise. He has also demonstrated a dedication to his local community and continues to reside in Arizona. Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Jason has also developed quite a reputation as a philanthropist over his career.

Jason Hope has contributed large sums of money to the research group the SENS Foundation. in 2010 he gave a donation in the amount of $500 thousand which was essential in helping the organization to build a laboratory in Cambridge. The donation from Jason Hope also allowed the SENS Foundation to begin a research initiative that will have its focus squarely on working towards breaking down products in human tissue known as advanced glycation end products.

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California’s SENS Foundation is an research group that is non-profit and works toward the development as well as the promotion in the area of biotechnologies that are associated with rejuvenation as well as debilitating diseases that are related to the effects of aging. For his part, Jason Hope has stressed that the work that the SENS Foundation does has been of great interest to him for a long while now. He is a firm believer that the work of the foundation and its head researcher, Dr. Aubrey de Grey is essential for the field of medicine to advance and achieve its full potential. Jason feels that it is a true honor to be able to lend vital support to an organization that is doing the kind of work the SENS Foundation is doing on a daily basis.

SENS Foundation CEO Mike Kope has expressed that the purpose of the foundation is the work towards a biotech industry that is completely new to what has been known in the past. In order to accomplish this goal, the organization is working with the top minds currently active in realms of regenerative medicine and biotech. He firmly asserts that donations such as those given by Jason Hope are critical for the success of the SENS Foundation.

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