Wes Edens’ Team-work Trait throughout His Career

Wes Edens’ success in changing the current social lifestyle in managing and appropriately allocating their resources has been boosted up by his resilience and expertise in the financial industry. He is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group as well as the owner of Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball club. Also, he has based his investment lifestyle on creative financing and setting up a business from reserves. It happens that also under Wes Edens’ stewardship; Fortress Group is listed in the Stock Market Exchange of New York City and becomes the first private equity firm to be publicly traded. The company manages assets worth more than $70 billion on behalf of its highly esteemed investors.

Wes Edens had served in several institutions before the establishment of Fortress Investment Group, and while there he acquired knowledge and skills relating to financial issues thus rendering him to be highly experienced in this business industry. Having carried along these skills in Fortress, he has achieved a lot such as; under his headship, and the Group bought the Nationstar Mortgage. Therefore, it will be no crime committed to calling him an investment guru who ventures in any opportunity that emerges in the market. Also, Wes has put a lot of his effort to offer financial advice to those who are experiencing financial difficulties and NBA players being his frequent clients. The reason behind this is because he had identified that over fifty percent of these players turn to be bankrupt after retirement since they failed to invest and save when they had the opportunity to do so.

Finally, it is a shred of evidence that Wes Edens is a gentleman who believes in teamwork, a trait that has been observed on several occasions. Such scenarios include; the establishment of Fortress Investment Group was not a one-person achievement but, a joint effort between Wes Edens and his colleagues both Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. The other situation is when his passion for basketball drives him to team up with Marc Lasry to purchase Milwaukee Bucks and also, he ensures that Fortress involves itself in corporate social responsibility in the society.


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