Todd Levine: The Creative Litigator

Todd Levine is a successful attorney in Miami, Florida with over 25 years of experience in his field. Though he has a focus on commercial real estate, he has had experience with a plethora of disputes, from sports to entertainment to many other types of commercial disputes. Todd Levine helped found Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L., where, as an attorney, he helps his clients make the best choices for their individual situations. He knows that every case is different and complex, requiring unique solutions that he works hard to provide. He explains that, as a commercial litigator, he might suggest mediation or arbitration as easy, financially-savvy ways to settle commercial disputes without going to court right away. He also explains that when the easy way out just isn’t possible for the situation at hand, he finds the best solutions possible for his clients, whether prosecutor or defendant. With his many years of experience in many different areas, Todd Levine explains just why he’s a great attorney: his experience, his thorough research done for each case, his adaptability to different cases, the relationships he builds with his clients, and his ability to help his clients avoid future disputes. His secret to success, though, is that he has a strong background in art and music, which he claims helps him as an attorney quite a bit. He’s able to come up with creative solutions using the cards he’s dealt, which might be a struggle for other lawyers. His ability to think creatively and on the fly help with his problem-solving abilities in the office and enable him to develop clever strategies to win his cases. With his many awards, it’s easy to see that Todd Levine’s unique approach to analyzing his disputes makes him a commercial litigator worthy of attention.

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