Betsy Devos Fights For What She Believes In

For many years, Betsy Devos has had a keen interest in the American educational system. She began to be active in the educational community when she began searching for the best school for her children. She realized that she had the funds needed to send her children to the best schools in the area. She also realized that many people didn’t have that option, and she wanted to do something about that.


Betsy Devos believes that parents should have the option of sending their children to the best schools even if those parents have limited economic means. She became an advocate of school vouchers and charter schools as a means of providing educational opportunities to children and their parents.


When Betsy Devos first started to advocate for educational reforms in her home state of Michigan, she was faced with a great deal of opposition. She didn’t let that opposition get her down. She fought hard to get charter schools approved in some of the most under performing school districts in the state. She was especially successful in getting charter schools up and running in Detroit and Grand Rapids.


Betsy Devos advocated for a school voucher program in the state of Michigan as well. This plan was not well-received in Michigan. However, Mrs. Devos believed in school vouchers, so she took her efforts around the entire United States. She had a great deal of success in getting states such as Indiana and Louisiana to develop voucher programs. These programs are in successful operation.


When President Trump was placing people in cabinet positions, many people recommended Betsy Devos for the position of Secretary of Education. President Trump appointed her to the post. Mrs. Devos had a difficult confirmation process, but she was approved by the United States Senate.


Since she has taken up her position in the President’s Cabinet, Betsy Devos has continued her fight to bring school choice to the American people. She has also worked and fought to make sure that failing public schools are improved so that every child in the United States has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.


Those who are Betsy Devos’ political opponents have learned a valuable lesson. Betsy Devos is polite and respectful to all, but she will always fight hard for what she believes is right for children’s education.


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