Doe Deere: American Dreamer and Doer

It seems stories about the American Dream are mostly relegated to antiquity these days, but Doe Deere is a modern day rags to riches story. As an immigrant to New York City from Russia at the tender age of 17, along with her mother and younger sister, Doe experienced complete culture shock. Although the size of the city alone was intimidating on its own, the hurdles to making ends meet seemed absolutely impossible for her small family.

Although her mother was a professional accountant in her home country, finding employment in her field proved futile as every employer wanted proof of her education and those records were slow in being transferred from Russia. She was forced to do domestic work, cleaning apartments to earn a meager income while Doe did odd jobs to bring in whatever money she could.

Still, it wasn’t enough. Doe, her sister and her mother found themselves at the mercy of social services and moved into a homeless shelter after their savings and meager earnings could no longer keep them afloat. For six months, the three women shared a small room and major uncertainly about what the future held.

Fortunately, a lucky break connected them with an organization called Sanctuary for Families that specializes in helping disadvantaged immigrant women improve their circumstances. This group was paramount in helping Doe’s mother get her first job back in her field as an account and both girls in school. A move, even to the projects of Harlem, was viewed as a luxury and blessing by Doe, her mother and sister whose can-do spirits paved the way for an exciting future for all three.

In 2008, Doe Deere reached the ultimate dream of becoming a business owner, launching the make-up brand Lime Crime with amazing results. Although the road was long and not without tribulation, Doe sought to achieve the American dream and has experienced resounding success. With a thriving business, a beautiful home and many more opportunities at her feet Doe Deere is the epitome of dreams coming true.

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