Why Does Paul Mampilly Expect The Stock Markets To Perform Better During This Year’s Holiday Season?

In his latest publication on the state of the economy and its impact on the stock market, talented investor Paul Mampilly believes the holiday season will push up the stocks. Paul argues that going into the fourth quarter, most companies remain optimistic about their holiday sales estimates and this reflects well on the performance of the stock market. Here are some other reasons Mampilly believes may cause drive the value of these stocks up:

1. Third party sales projections

Paul Mampilly argues that if the sales projections by such reputable business statistics brands as Delloite and the National Retail Federation are anything to go by, stock prices will hit high notes. According to Deloitte, the total sales projections for the holiday season between November and January will rise by 5% and reach $1.10 Trillion. NRF, on the other hand, expects the retail sales during the same period to rise by between 4.3% and 4.8% and against the 3.9% growth rate recorded in the past five years. These will then translate to positive performances for the retail company stocks.

2. Increased uptake of online shopping trends nationally

Online sales trends have been on the rise as evidenced by the fact that almost every brand now has an online shopping section. As sales estimates turn to favor them, Paul Mampilly believes that giant online shopping companies stand to benefit most from the increased stock prices.

3. Seasonal employment opportunities by big brands

The giant retailers across the country have also done their projections and as the holiday period draws near, they have started making big market moves. Some like Amazon and Target are already hiring seasonal workers for the period with estimates suggesting that these bands may engage close to 650,000 seasonal employed compared to the 550,000 contracted last year. Paul Mampilly believes you can tell companies estimating huge sales and corresponding better stock performances by looking at the number of seasonal employees they are willing to engage.

More about Paul Mampilly

Paul is former hedge fund portfolio manager and Wall Street’s alternative investment expert. He has however turned his back on the Wall Street and big hedge funds and now shares his personal investment strategies with the average citizen, giving them investment tips. He is also a senior editor at Banyan Hill publishing a journal that offers free but well-researched investment tips and guidelines to its readers.

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