The Best, Wen By Chaz

I am an African American woman who has struggled my entire adult life taming my hair. My hair is very thick and curly. For years, I have researched on Wikipedia about hair care products that works best for my hair. Unfortunately, everything I tried wasn’t doing the job. One day back when I was in college, I came across a t.v commercial promoting hair care products. Those products were called Wen by Chaz. I was intrigued by all the testimonies and details of their brand. A day later I order a bottle of conditioner from Wen and everything was history after that.


My first order was a bottle of Wen by Chaz Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I remember I order my package on a Friday. My package came a few days later. I was very pleased because I received my order two days early. The bottle itself was nothing short of a masterpiece. I was impressed by the packaging, the labeling and the description. Everything about the bottle itself was unique and detailed.

The smell of the conditioner was heavily. The aroma of the mints and almonds drove my sister wild. She loved the way it made my hair feel and smell. She couldn’t stop smelling my hair. I recently bought her a few bottles of conditioner just so she can stop using mine. I have been using Wen products for three years now and I must say that I am behind blown away with my hair. My hair is a lot more manageable. My hair is soft and healthy. I use to get really bad dandruff but after using Wen for two weeks I haven’t had any trouble at all. My hair has grew 3 inches this past year along. I would definitely recommend Wen products. You would be very pleased with the outcome of your hair! Follow Wen on Twitter and check out the Wen company profile on crunchbase.


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