Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein supports the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished lawyer based in New York. Recently, Goldstein along with his friends Omar Khan and Jim Finkel hosted an evening dinner in support of the Fountain House, an organization that is involved with initiatives that help people suffering from mental illness. The dinner comprised of fine wine and delicious food.




Mental illness is a condition that affects over 450 million people around the world. It is a humanitarian crisis according to the world health organization since it affects families and communities in large scale. It is a condition that prevents affected persons from living a normal life since they cannot hold a job or complete education, manage finances or even take care of themselves. For the Fountain House, they have made it their mission to see that this sorry situation is addressed.




Fountain House has been in existence for the past 70 years. It has been pivotal in supporting people living with mental illness mainly in New York. The organization was founded in 1944 by people who themselves suffered from mental illnesses. This group created an organization that they named “we are not alone” a name that depicted that the struggles they were undergoing through affected numerous other people. This small group initiated initiatives to support others affected by mental illnesses and by 1948 they opened a building in New York City where they would run the operations from. The building had a fountain in its garden something that contributed to the formation of the Fountain House.




The mission of the Fountain House is very simple. They are dedicated to supporting the recovery of people who suffer from mental illnesses. They are creating opportunities for these people to get education employment and even support the growth of their talents. Fountain House has a leadership team that is composed of among others high profile individuals in the society such as Jeremy Goldstein. The leadership team is involved in the development of community mental health programs throughout New York and support a number of mental health illnesses initiatives. They are also developing innovative programs based on research conducted on mental illnesses. Fountain House is also partnering with local and global community members to make the Fountain House model a global organization.




Under the leadership of professionals such as Jeremy Goldstein, Fountain House has contributed significantly to the improvement of mental health standards in New York. Since 85% of victims of mental illness in the United States are unemployed, this organization has come up with the Fountain House Employment Program which has so far created numerous employment opportunities for these victims. Every year, this program pays out over $2 million to the victims through over 40 companies which have employed them.




Jeremy Goldstein is a respected compensation expert in New York and the founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm.


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