Sussex Healthcare Welcomes a New CEO

Susses Healthcare is proud to announce the hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has over 30 years in both public and independent health and social care arenas. She started her career in 1984 as a Mental Health Nurse and she has risen up the ranks to Quality Development Director to Service Manager and now to CEO. She understands that councils and providers need to work with each other in order to be truly successful. She knows how to help organizations do their job at the highest level, and she has experience that shows she can do just that and more.

Sussex Healthcare Offering

Sussex Healthcare currently operates 20 care centers for those who are elderly, suffering from dementia, and those with learning disabilities. In these treatment centers, patients are given the best care and attention possible. They enjoy social gatherings, recreational activities along with the care that is so important. Each Sussex Healthcare house is fully staffed with nurses so that around the clock care will definitely always be provided.

Sussex Healthcare’s New Gym

As the new gym opens so do the opportunities for the residents. The gym was designed to attend to all of the needs of the physically disabled patrons and the elderly. It is staffed consistently so that there will always be someone to provide help, and to make exercise plans. Every exercise program starts with a warm-up and the main exercise session is limited to make sure that no one pushes them self to difficult.

The gym also features a pool and several hot tubs. They can be very soothing on the joints. There are also free weights and resistance machines as well as other fitness equipment.

People with physical and cognitive disabilities are very much welcomed. Even elderly people who do not live at one of the homes can come and enjoy the gym and get the exact same care as any of the residents. Our goal is to be a resource for our community so that every elderly member of the community has a place to come and stay healthy.

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