Stream Energy’s Philanthropic efforts

Hurricane Harvey was huge, and it dropped well over 56 inches of rain on the Houston Neighborhoods. As a result, companies in the U.S and beyond could only watch helplessly as residents lost property, pets and their lives.

However, one particular Dallas-based company, Stream, could not let this pass. Following its hugely successful energy sales business, the company saw the need to chip in and help with the recovery process of the residents.

Stream Energy is a firm believer in corporate philanthropy, and this has been part of the firm’s DNA for years now. This explains their decision to launch their charity foundation dubbed “Stream Cares”. They went this route in its bid to formalize the philanthropic efforts they had been involved in across the country for years.

Through their involvement in the Hurricane Harvey case, Stream Energy proved itself to be a role model in terms of how corporations in Dallas are taking up philanthropy and charity as part of their brand. In fact, it encourages to realize that they are willing to use more than just money in their bid to give back to the society.

It is not every day that you will find a business or company willing to start up a charity wing. However, this can turn out to be the best decision a company can ever make. By giving back and helping those in need in the community, they will in turn command respect and earn the loyalty of the public and its current customers.

Stream Energy has not only cultivated a giving culture within the company but also among the individual employees. Considering its long term relationship with notable charitable organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for humanity, the company has seen its employees get involved in grassroots giving. By doing this, the employees further help to bolster the company’s track record.

Stream Energy has managed to build a network of loyal clientele thanks to its simple direct sales business model. It offers both corporate and residential services from virtual doctors to discounted clean energy. This has seen the business grown in leaps and bounds through the years.

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