Class Dojo : Education through observation

I think we can all agree that at one point or time in our lives our parents asked us what we did at school, and without fail we all would say the same thing, “nothing”. Today, parents are seeking to be apart of their children’s education which has led many companies to introduce a variety of online tools to further that cause. However, one tool has stood out from amongst the rest, ClassDojo is quickly becoming a teachers and parent’s favorite tool to see exactly what and how their children are doing in class.

Alexandra Bias, a grade one school teacher says the app has helped tremendously in how parents and teachers communicate. She recalls a time before ClassDojo where the only means of communication with her student’s parents here through handwritten notes, many not making their way home on account of students forgetting or simply losing them throughout the day.

Doris Gutenkunst, a mother who has her son and daughter in the same school spoke about the fact that one of her children’s teachers uses the app and the other one doesn’t. The level of communication is incredible, I simply have to pick up my phone to send their teacher a message, says Doris.

Mrs. Bias states that the ClassDojo app is not simply about being a helicopter parent or teacher, it’s about education as well. She mentions being able to record a student reading and using that as a teaching tool to help her students fix issues they might simply not hear when they are in the middle of activities.

The reviews are in and ClassDojo continues to be a welcome source of technology by parents, with many of them praising the app for giving them exact information to talk about with their children at the dinner table.

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