Gustavo Martinez, Advertising and Marketing Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is a seasoned advertising and marketing consultant who has been in the industry for more than 35 years.

Within this time, he led some of the biggest names in business and had supervised the making of legendary advertisements that have become the standards of pop culture. Gustavo Martinez was the chief executive officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the biggest marketing firms in the world.

He also served as the president of Olgilvy and Mather as well as McCann Worldgroup. These two are the most respected names in the marketing industry. Prior to being the president of these two marketing giants, Martinez worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

What is The Role Of Business Acceleration and Consulting In The Marketing?

According to Gustavo Martinez, the term consulting is just another term for an independent contractor that offers high-quality services at operational and strategic levels. He added that consulting is the foundation of the advertising industry.

Also, the consultancy model is a proven way of providing first-class results in the marketing industry for almost a century.

Martinez said that people from other industries need to understand that in marketing, creativity is the only important asset that advertising or a marketing industry must have. On the other hand, most businesses, there is a standard process that must be perfected.

One important thing that other businesses that belong to other industries need to understand about the marketing business is that the single most important asset to any advertising agency or marketing firm is creativity.

How Do You Transform Creative Ideas To Life?

For Gustavo Martinez, creativity is a rare gem from which great marketing and advertising campaigns are developed.

The seasoned advertising and marketing consultant shared that variation of ideas, experience, and background within the members of the team are the stimulators of the widest range of ideas as well as creative answers to problems. Martinez revealed that one of his most significant functions is to keep the team genuinely inspired and not just motivated. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

The marketing and advertising expert revealed that he always make sure that people are assigned on projects that really interest them.

The seasoned advertising consultant also revealed that recognizing your team’s great work is another significant factor that motivates them. He disclosed that he treats his team members as very talented artists and strives in his own way to provide them this kind of environment.

What Would Recommend To Others As An Entrepreneur?

Gustavo Martinez shared that it is important to be generous at all times as an entrepreneur. Also, he said that it helps if you are genuinely interested in the point of view of others. He added that as an entrepreneur, you should always be open to working with a wide variety of talent.

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Gustavo Martinez

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