Sharon Prince Helps to Bring Grace Farms Back to Its Old Glory

Grace Farms is a community center and cultural institution nestled across over 80 acres of serene natural beauty. The institution connects people with nature through its robust programs and practices. According to Grace Farms’ President and Chairperson, Sharon Prince Grace Farms, the institution was inspired by land. It inspires a sense of beauty and awe rarely found anywhere else. Let’s explore some of Grace Farms’ offerings.

Seasonal bounties

During summer, Grace Farms is full of activities ranging from exploration of lush nature throughout walking trails to catch and release fishing at Cattali Pond. Despite the hot rays of sunshine, people enjoy an introspective, serene, naturally beautiful.

Biodiversity and ecological appreciation

The institution focused on enriching the acreage which became its setting after acquiring it. Grace Farms Foundation also aimed at biologically restoring the land to create a nurturing environment that promotes indigenous wildlife. About 2 years ago, Sharon Prince said that Grace Farms was in the process of restoring itself from being an equestrian facility to a healthy as well as sustainable ecosystem.


Native meadows were created and restored enabling indigenous species to return to the habitats. The lush meadows are a home to more than 80 species of birds.

Birds at Grace Farms

As far as birds are concerned, there is a lot to see at Grace Farms. More than 40 species of birds resides in the natural landscape of the institution. According to Sharon Prince, wildlife conservation is at the center stage of the foundation’s business and it is working to draw attention to its importance. As far as community garden as well as gardening education is concerned, the foundation brings together community members to contribute in one way or another to activities that fosters a sense of community, impart sustainable farming methods knowledge on members, and ultimately yield produce that helps others.

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