Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Communication in being a Lawyer

The qualities of a high profile lawyer include the ability to think freely, connect the dots, and communicate clearly with the clients. Jeremy Goldstein is a professional lawyer with a personal law firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The work performed at the law firm ranges from minor work like advising CEOs to settling disputes between major clients. He has some the most well-rounded academic credentials around. He obtained degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago, in addition to New York University for his J.D. to make himself a professional. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Jeremy Goldstein discusses his unique approach towards clients.


All companies and organizations have a unique origin story. JLG Associates was born under the unique business conditions that were occurring over a decade ago. This was a period when conflicts of interest disputes were abnormally high. That unique climate paved the way for many firm to break away from their parent company. Jeremy Goldstein took the courageous step forward to jump into this market as a law firm. Now that 20 years have passed since that time period, he can definitely say his choice was correct. The business industry is booming like never before. He has experience in countless kinds of cases, giving him an edge over the competition.


However, Jeremy Goldstein cites one of his skills above all the rest. His ability to create a meaningful relationship with each and every client whom he encounters. This allows him to only get to know them, but also provide personalized advice that will benefit the client much better. Jeremy Goldstein has found that if he works on just a few cases at a time, he can give each one the attention and care it deserves. He knows how much his service means to clients.


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