Edwin Miranda Shares the Tips That Helped Him Grow His Company

Edwin Miranda is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, business manager, and marketer in the United States. He is the chief executive officer of KOI IXS, a company he founded at the age of 21 years.

Today, KOI IXS is a large marketing agency serving millions of customers in the world. It specializes in content marketing, search engine optimization, customer management, social media marketing, and other unique marketing solutions. KOI IXS’s marketing solutions are tailored to meet each business’ unique marketing needs.

Unlike many graduates, Edwin Miranda started career while pursuing his undergraduate studies in business administration. He worked as the Vice President of Business Development in NATCOM Global, and a Vice President of sales in Angelo Medina Entertainment.

In 1994, Edwin Miranda teamed up with other marketers to establish KOI IXS, an advertising agency that was composed to streamline the world’s marketing and business sectors. How did he develop his marketing agency from infantry to its present spot?

According to an interview posted on ideamensch.com, Edwin Miranda used three primary tactics to grow his company from the ground up. First, he teamed up with likeminded entrepreneurs who had a similar mission. Miranda says that collaboration fostered their creativity, and it blended their diverse strengths.

Secondly, the marketing expert says that his boldness gave him the courage to start and establish his marketing agency. “My boldness gave me the audacity to start KOI IXS, as well as endure the challenges of managing a business,” says Miranda.

Thirdly, Edwin Miranda says that his management prowess helped him grow KOI IXS from a small start-up to today’s prominent organization. He developed a plan highlighting his long term, medium term, and short term goals. After setting the goals, he strategized his regular activities to help him accomplish the goals within the fixed time frame.

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