Nicolas Krafft Achievement in Empowering Women

L’Oreal Paris is a fashion and beauty company. It held its annual fashion and beauty show last year September. The aim of hosting this event was to give an insight into the current and latest looks from their beauty and fashion collection. This also provided them with a unique opportunity to mention in depth on the strides they, as a company, are making to advance fashion and beauty in the industry. This includes ways in which they could reach their consumers more.

Top celebrities had the honor of gracing this event. Famous models showcased the event’s accessories. The company was at the forefront in ensuring women continue feeling beautiful and confident in themselves every day. Nicolas Krafft is a name that comes up often when L’Oreal is mentioned. He is vice president of global business development. He has used social media wisely to market the company’s products. He recognizes that social media is a great way to communicate with their customers and potential clients. He can receive feedback through this way, which helps him come up with developing strategies for the brand.

Nicolas Krafft is committed to ending the gender gap among men and women. Since the company is about fashion and beauty, Nicolas is able to work with a lot of women in the industry and discover their potential. He realizes that women put as much effort, sacrifice as much to get to where they are today. Therefore advocating for women rights to be paid according to their hard work, not gender. He works at ensuring that women have equal opportunities in the workplace to develop their careers.

He has been able to foster a lot of research and product development. Women across the work are beautiful and diverse in their own nature. Research and product development ensure that they continue making foundations that suite a wide range of women with different skin tones. He encourages clients to use online applications to try on make-up and hair products virtually to be certain with what result they would like. This makes the purchasing process easier. Clients become more confident with the products that they are buying from L’Oreal. His experience at the company has improved consumer engagement.

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